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Sullivan Color Card

Sullivan Color Card

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Easily find any color of Sullivans Floss! Just use this high quality Embroidery Floss Color Card. It contains actual samples of 454 solid colors of Sullivans Premium Quality Embroidery Floss. All of the colors of solid six-strand floss are in order by color family. A handy color location table allows you to easily search by Sullivans Color number too. So searching for the right color is easy! The conversion chart to DMC® color numbers is included. It helps to make it easier to find color combinations for designs. A very useful tool for designers! It is great to see all of the colors lined up together. Also included are our 181 specialty thread colors. The specialty threads with samples in the book are Overdyed Pearl Cotton, Overdyed Floss, Metallic Floss, and Metallic Pearl. The numbers for Pearl Cotton Size 5 and Pearl Cotton Balls are in the book as well. Included a paper printout of the addition new 35 colors. Floss in order by color family Actual samples of Embroidery Floss Color location table so searching is easy Conversion to DMC® color number included Also includes washing and care instructions

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